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Net Zero + LEED

Passive Energy Designs' main focus is energy effeciency through conservation.  However, the importance of other factors cannot be ignored. Net zero or positive energy buildings provde a path forward for less dependency on foreign oil, econmic independence, increased resiliency, and many other facors. Using energy modeling, Passive Energy Designs has the ability to size a photovoltaic (solar panel) array or other sustainable energy generation system to match the energy demand of the building.


The United States Green Building Councils' Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system goes beyond energy efficiency.  LEED is a point based rating system that has four differenct certification levels (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum) each signaling an increase in the sustainability and lessoning of the environmental impact of the building.  LEED takes into account site impacts, indoor air quality, materials, and other sustiinable impacts in addtiion to energy effeciency.  Passive Energy Designs has a LEED AP Homes on staff.


The Living Building Challenge is a aspirational standard which is working toward and advocacy based solution to environemental problems contributed by buildins.  The LBC is based on seven areas (Site, Water, Energy Health, Materials, Equity, and Beauty) divided into twenty different issues or imperatives.  These include net zero energy, net zero water, car free living, a materials redlist, an embodied carbon footprint criteria, local material sourcing, and many more difficult to meet imperatives.


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