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Design Services

Passive Energy Designs offers design services that focus on whole building strategies that increase energy efficiency and allow for sustainable living.  As a consultant, Passive Energy Designs works on a large variety of buildngs including: commercial, residential, and industrial, but as a design entity, Passive Energy Design chooses to focus solely on residential design services. 


Design services are closely related to the consulting services provided by Passive Energy Designs because the design of the whole building will relate to the clients needs and the energy modeling results to match the clients goal. Design is not just the whole building, but also consists of designing the details and the little things that make each project a unique and personal space. 


Our design philosophy is based on the need for energy efficient and sustainable dwellings to be places with meaning, where people want to live, work and play. Passive Energy Designs strives with each project to develop a sustainable and compelling design where style, function, and efficiency meet.

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